About The St. Thomas More Society of Los Angeles

Organized in 1995, the St. Thomas More Society of Los Angeles is an association of Catholic legal professionals. The society has selected St. Thomas More as patron of the Red Mass and celebrates its namesake who has inspired lawyers of all faiths for generations . We are a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.

(1438-1535) Thomas More was educated at Oxford and followed in his father’s footsteps and became a lawyer. He married Jane Colt in 1505 and they had four children. Mentored by Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor John Morton, Thomas More had a distinguished career in public service. First elected to Parliament in 1504, he was knighted in 1521 and made King Henry VIII’s Under Treasurer of the Exchequer. In 1529 he rose to Lord Chancellor. More believed King Henry VIII had no jurisdiction over the Church. His rift with Henry VIII led to false accusations against More. His defense included evidence in the form of a letter to Sister Elizabeth Barton wherein he directed her not to interfere in politics. Choosing his principles over death, More was beheaded in 1535. More was canonized as a Saint in 1925 and his feast day is June 22. St. Thomas More, who stood alone and gave his life for his principles of separation of church and state, is the patron for public officials, judges, and lawyers.

The St. Thomas More Society of Los Angeles is a volunteer organization of legal professionals composed primarily of attorneys and retired judges who host the annual Red Mass

Executive Committee

Suzanne L. Austin, Esq.
Joseph M. Barrett, Esq.
Carmela Bombay, Esq.
Kevin H. Brogan, Esq.
Vito A. Costanzo, Esq.
Vince L. Farhat, Esq.
Michele B. Friend, Esq.
Margaret G. Graf, Esq.

Laura I. Guerrero, Esq.
Brittany M. Hernandez, Esq.
Hratch J. Karakachian, CPA, Esq.
Phillip R. Marrone, Esq.
Armando J. Paz, Esq., Chair
Gina M. Pech, Esq.
Marianne K. Rittenburg, Esq.
Hon. Lawrence W. Crispo (Ret.) Emeritus

Advisory Committee

Dan Abir
Oscar Acosta
Mark A. Albert
Margaret F. Ambrose
Allison Aquino-Silva
Alison K. Beanum
Anthony J. Bellone
Daniel W. Bir
Andrew P. Byrne
Hon. Richard P. Byrne
Charles F. Callanan
Stuart A. Chapman
Lawrence W. Dailey, Jr.
Linda Dakin-Grimm
Ricardo Echeverria
Michael S. Feeley

John L. Filippone
Hon. Ron S. Galperin
Frederic F. Grannis
Lawrence P. Grassini
Gary E. Grimm, PhD
George P. Hawley
John C. Heintz
Brian J. Hennigan
J. Michael Hennigan
Kelly S. Howick
Maria P. Hoye
John M. Iino
Samantha M. Jimenez
Sean M. Kneafsey
Lewis W. Kneib
Elizabeth S. Lachman

Marina A. Macchiagodena
Veronica V. Maldonado
Michael J. Maloney
Stephen V. Masterson
Debra E. Meppen
Linda C. Miller Savitt
Steve A. Mindel
Robert W. Mockler
Michael Norris
Ana G. O’Brien
Michael J. O'Connor
Kenneth R. Pedroza
David A. Plumley
David M. Ring
Timothy F. Ryan
Paul K. Smith

Matthew G. Stein
Paul D. Tosetti
William M. Wardlaw
Ronald D. Wenkart
Molly M. White
Gina M. Zapanta

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